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Celebrities That Failed Before Succeeding

All these celebrities. All these successful people. Do you think they made it first try? We could think of them as so insanely amazing and inspiring, smart, clever and legendary, but DID they get there right at the start? Hell naahhhhhhhhhh Of course they didn’t. They’re not robots. They’re not perfect. They’re human. They f*cked… Continue reading Celebrities That Failed Before Succeeding


One Line A day – A Five Year Memory Book //Year One//

Ugh. Sorry. I’ve been away for ages. SOOOO MUCH has been going on in my life that I just haven’t had the time OR the inspiration to post on my blog. I was thrown back into education, went MILLION different emotions and…yanno, real life gets in the way. Anyway… In march 2016, I bought… Continue reading One Line A day – A Five Year Memory Book //Year One//