Why not?

We all need to be spontaneous at times in our lives. This week is just that for me. After booking a week off work to help out with the family, next thing I know, I’ve got a massage booked at 4 on Wednesday at a fancy spa. Lucky me, aye!

It’s always good to break that everyday routine we all have. I hate routine. Doing something different every so often and changing it up a bit is something that gives me such a thrilling feeling.

Like this blog, for example. It’s something I’ve actually wanted to get started with for ages now, but never had the balls to do. It was a spontaneous decision one weekend to just do it! So here I am.

So if you’re feeling spontaneous, just f*@king go for it! My new quote for 2016 is simply “Why not?”.

Why not go to the spa for a few days?
Why not start a blog?
Why not document your life online?
Why not post 4 selfies in a row on Instagram?

You get me?

Why not? What’s stopping you?

Nothing. Nobody is. Exactly.

Nobody, but yourself.

So, break that wall. Do it.

What have you got to lose?
The sun will still set and rise again.
You’ll still wake up with air in your lungs.
You’ll still have food in your fridge.
You’ll still have people who love you.

So why not?

Yeah, people will judge the shit out of you. They’ll think what you’re doing is weird. Or wrong. Or stupid. They’ll think “Why the f&*k are they doing that for?”

So what?

Don’t make your life boring.
Get yourself out there.
Enjoy it. Enjoy life.

Why not?

Here’s a photo of me in my OOTD, along with the cutest bikini I’ll be taking, which I bought from New Look…



I’m really getting into blogging and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
I know not many people are reading this right now, but it’ll be great if anyone had any ideas of what I could post on here.

Food? Style? Beauty? More playlists? More life tips? Advice? Maybe even videos?

Thanks for reading!

R x





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