Update & A Massage


I’m really happy and glad that I posted about Self-Love. (And if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out) It’s something that I care a shit load about and I’m so passionate about it! I could go on forever about the topic because I truly believe we need it.

I’m also really pleased with the reaction this post got. I didn’t get a tonne of likes and comments or anything, but it’s been the most popular post I’ve made. To know that even just a small amount of people read it and agreed with it makes me really happy!

This year is like turning a new page for me. My head is on so much straighter than it was a year ago. I know more about who I am and what I deserve. We all deserve the best and we shouldn’t settle for less than that.

I’m hoping to be making recent visits to this topic and maybe even turning it into a series as I feel it can really help. Even if it’s just me or 1 other person. It’s not spoken about enough. Not even close.

P.S. I just had my first ever massage and it was amazing! How weird is it that you lay topless on a bed and have a stranger come and rub oil all over your back and then basically  stroke it over and over. It was a cute young woman who did my massage, thank god. If it was some sexy fella with a face made for Calvin Klein and a body made for Magic Mike 3, i’d be so f@*ked. I don’t even know what i’d do in the situation. Imagine it. Someone who looks like Zac Efron…and they’re touching your back in the sexiest way. Shit…….

Anyway, it was damn good and I’m so relaxed right now. I need to have massages way more often!

Hope you’re well

R x


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