Breakup/Healing Playlist


I know it’s valentine Day and half of you are probably having a great time with that special someone & I’m honestly not trying to ruin the lovely day,
But coming from someone who is single, I wasn’t really sure what to write about today.

& although I’ve just finished watching ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for the second time in my life and I’m feeling all lovely and romantic (By myself), I’ve had this playlist saved for a little while now and I don’t really know when the perfect time is to post it.

So I thought “Sod it”

So here is my ‘Breakup/healing Playlist’, dedicated to all the singletons out there.

  1. Shawn Mendes – Stitches
  2. Jamie Lawson – Someone for everyone
  3. Maroon 5 – She will be loved
  4. The Weeknd – What you need
  5. The All-American Rejects – Gives you hell (Highly request this one)
  6. The Kooks – Naïve
  7. Oh Wonder – Landslide
  8. Beyoncé – Best thing I never had
  9. Lil Wayne – How to love
  10. Justin Bieber – I would
  11. Ashley Tisdale – It’s alright, it’s ok (I know this is old, but it helps so much)
  12. Nicki Minaj – Feeling Myself
  13. Chris Brown – Zero
  14. Hozier – Someone new
  15. Oh Wonder – Heart hope
  16. Troye Sivan – Lost boy


Some of the songs on here helped me through one of the several shitty parts of my life.
And that’s so cool.

Music is therapy.

Hope you’re having a good day

R x



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