Things I Wish I Did



We all have a secret list in our heads of things we wish we could do. What’s stopping us from doing those things can differ from having the time to do it, having the money, the patience, the motivation etc. I look around and I see people doing so many cool and different things and it gives me the urge to try it all out.

So here’s another list of mine…

  1. Meditation – Things stress me out a lot and my brain goes fuzzy sometimes and I end up in one big ball of emotion and don’t have a clue what to do with myself. I hear that meditating for a little while everyday can really help your mindset, your mood and your life in general.
  2. Adventures – This one is more for the summertime, which I’m hoping I’ll be able to do, but I want to go on as many adventures as I can. Whether it’s round the corner from my house or an hours drive away. Mention this word in a sentence and I’m there.
  3. Out For Breakfast – I think going out for breakfast is the cutest thing and I want to do it every so often. It’ll make a change from coco pops (which I’m not dissing, I still love them).
  4. Watch sunsets & Sunrises – I suppose this links in with adventures. I only really catch a sunset or sunrise (If I’m up early enough) from my bedroom window. And although that’s so great and I absolutely love being surprised with gorgeous views from my window, I would love to go somewhere, maybe the beach or up a hill or a small cliff, to sit and watch it happen. Take a blanket and some snacks or something and just watch it do its thing. The sky is a massive obsession of mine, so this is an important one. I’m hoping to do this very soon.
  5. Spend my money & treat myself – I’m currently saving up to last me through the summer. but at the moment I’m having the biggest cravings to go and spend my money on clothes and makeup. There is a decent sized list of things that I wish I could buy, but I’m forcing myself to hold as far back as I can, even though it kills me. Ugh, I literally want everything.
  6. Vlogging / YouTube – YouTube is something which gives me huge inspiration and the stuff I find on there can be really good. It’s a place full of creativity and if you know me, you’ll know I love a bit of that. A LOT of that, actually. I think vlogging is great, too. You just film. Anything. And I think that’s really cool. A huge part of me would love to get involved with that, but I guess things hold you back, like society and how your mind thinks about it all. Anyway, I think it’s great.
  7. Stopped Worrying – I worry way too much about stuff and sometimes it gets so overboard, it’s ridiculous and I say to myself “stop being such a f*?@ing idiot”. I would love to live my life with no worries or problems. I’d take each day as it comes and enjoy every moment.
  8. Inspire People – To be honest, none of us really know if we inspire anybody unless they tell you. And it’s not always often they do. How cool would that be. Someone comes up to you in public or even online and says “I think you’re so inspiring. Thank you”. Ugh, my heart. But you never know, maybe we do inspire people. Maybe someone looks at our Instagram and thinks “Wow, they’re actually really cool”. The fact that it’s a possibility makes me happy. We can all be inspirations. All of us. And that’s f?@*ing great!
  9. Be content – I’m very grateful for this life. Some people have it so much worse so I should never complain. But, sometimes you can’t help but be unhappy with certain things. Not once have I woken up and thought “I’m completely happy with my life”. That’s ok, though. Isn’t it? I’m only 18, obviously there’s going to be stuff that I don’t like. Maybe even hate! But it’ll be like that at times because we’re young and nothing is ever perfect. I’m not going to say what it is that takes away my happiness, but we shouldn’t let little things make us unhappy. Always be grateful for what you do have.


This list could actually go on forever and I’m sure yours would too.
But these are just a few of them.
I hope in the near future I will be able to accomplish at least one of the above

And I hope you will too!

Hope you’re good

R x


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