We can do ANYTHING



Lately, I’ve been thinking in a really strange, inspiring way.
I was on the train, on my way to work this late morning when a thought suddenly hit me.

I am currently at an age where I can choose to do ANYTHING.

Anything at all.
I’m done with school and what is needed to be done. Though I am currently trying to get back into education to learn about something I love, it’s not something that I HAVE to do.

I’m 18 years old
I have a part-time job
I’m not in a relationship
I have a lot of interests
My whole life is ahead of me
What do I want to do with it?

That question is scary, yet exciting.

I could change my plans completely and decide to go and travel round America (Los Angeles, California is where I’d love to go)
I could get another completely random job
I could go back to college and study something that I have an interest in like photography or media
I could start a YouTube channel and film myself doing random things
I could film myself doing artistic things, too
I could start modelling
I could start being more confident around strangers and in public

Life doesn’t HAVE to be School, College, Job, Die.

We can do anything we want. How incredible is that?

It absolutely petrifies me to think that I’ll be 90 years old, regretting that I didn’t live my life to the absolute fullest.

We have now to do that.
This is the time to do those things you’ve always wanted to do.
Don’t be like everybody else.

Be different. Make a Change.

Please. I urge you to go out and live your life. I have yet to do so properly and I can already tell that it’s going to feel incredible. I’ve made a promise to myself that this year will be the year I do just that.

Will you?



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