Life is not a race



So, UPDATE TIME for you…

The past 2 months, I have been auditioning to get into acting school. It’s a very daunting process and actually quite difficult. At the beginning, when I made up my mind to apply for these universities, I thought acting was the way for me to go. I thought “Yeah, this is what I’m gonna try and get into”. And honestly, I thought I had a shot. I still think I do, actually…

But, the last few weeks, I’ve been really thinking about it…
“Is this right?”
“Do I want this enough?”
“Is this the right path for me?”
And to be honest…

I’m not so sure it is, anymore.

Yeah, I’ve been declined by most of the places I applied for. I did, however, get in somewhere, but that’s not the point.

The point is am I going the right way? Am I 100% sure this is what I want?

And after completely cocking up an audition yesterday and not being that bothered by it, I realised “no”. After looking around me and not really liking what I saw, that decided it for me. This wasn’t for me.

Maybe it’s the timing. Maybe I’m not ready yet.
Maybe in the future, I’ll look back on this and be in the right place for it.
But, I’m not right now.

And do you know what?…That’s ok.


I am in no rush to figure out my purpose in life. I will go forward into the next chapter of my life with a completely blank canvas. I will reset my life… ( Last Post – Reset Your Life ).
The thought doesn’t scare me as much as I thought it would.
I can take my life in any direction I choose. What a wonderful feeling.

I can’t be the only person that is undecided with what to do with their life. Those people that do know are lucky in some ways, but then again, they won’t get to experience the journey as much as people like me will. People that can go in any direction that interests them and makes them happy.

Look at Forrest Gump for example. Yes, he’s just a movie character, but just think about it.
That guy went from having leg braces, to finishing school, to being in the Army, to becoming a millionaire from owning a shrimping business, to becoming a ping pong world champion, to being a running sensation, to signing a deal with Apple, to settling down with a family.

What the actual fuck.

What a way to live.

Now THAT is living life to the fullest. The things that guy saw must have been indescribable. Again, yes, he isn’t real, but still.

Anyway, like I said. Life is not a race. It doesn’t have to go in any particular order. If you want to learn something new, go back into education. Get a job in something that you like doing. Go travelling. Just please don’t panic if things aren’t exactly going to plan. There IS no plan.

There is no plan in life.



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