Life is a gift



Isn’t it though?
When you really stop and think about it, life is marvellous and we shouldn’t waste it.
The one think I am searching for is to be FULFILLED.
To be completely and utterly at peace and content with my life.
When I am 90 years old, I DO NOT want to look back and think “Why didn’t I do that?” “I wish I did that!” “I would do that so differently”.

I already think this way about a number of things that have occurred. I don’t want to have anymore.
I would much rather say “I can’t believe I did that” instead of “I regret not doing that”

But, it’s just ridiculous, isn’t it?
We have ONE life, yet so many of us don’t live it to the fullest. *realizes how cringey this post is getting*
And this, I simply do not get.

These thoughts have baffled me to the point where inspiration has sparked and I have created a video, even though I’m not a pro at it.

Give it a quick watch.




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