Be Yourself

I know what you’re thinking just by reading the title…

“This post is gonna be so cliché”

Well, yeah. It kinda will be. But to me, some of the most cliché things that we hear or say go completely unnoticed or are underrated simply because they’re a bit cringe. I cringe at myself probably a good 10-20 times a day, but here I am, talking about something that I think people really need to take in and listen to. And that’s Being Yourself.



I hate the way my voice sounds in a video. I cringe so bad at it. I think I sound a mix between a 12 year old boy and…well, a piece of poo. I hate it. I hate my talking voice.

But, If I were to change the way I talk and adjust my voice so that I don’t cringe as much, then I’m not being myself am I? I’m not being me, I’m being someone else. Someone that doesn’t even exist. I’m being fake. A fake person.

If I were to not be me, then I would attract the wrong people. People that think they know and like the ‘me’ that they see. Then what? I’ve made friends with people that only like the fake person I’m pretending to be. I simply don’t understand why anybody would not want to be unapologetically themselves. You have one soul, one mind and one body. What in the world are you doing if you’re trying to be something that isn’t a part of you?

Ok, so maybe you’re a little different or weird. Or maybe you like things that most people don’t or maybe you don’t ‘fit in’ in some places. But wouldn’t you much rather be who you truly are and be happy with that instead of trying to be someone you’re not and be miserable? For me, one of the first rules for getting somewhere in life and living a great one is to simply be who you are. Completely and utterly you.

I honestly couldn’t give two sh*ts how different or cringe or weird I might be. And if someone doesn’t like you because you’re being yourself and they think the real you is weird, then please, hold open the door and let them leave because you don’t need anybody that doesn’t like you for the person you naturally are. Sometimes, yes, it might be a little difficult because some people might not like the real you, but there are also so many that do and will. Why do you think you are this person? It’s not random, you’re the way you are for a reason.

I know I’d get so tired having to put on a fake face and personality every single day. I’ve done it before, I’ve done and said things that I know aren’t me at all. The problem is there are too many people in this world who are judgemental and will look at you with that “What the f*ck are you?” expression on their face, therefore it can pause your natural ways because you don’t want people talking negatively about you behind your back. But honestly…

They’re behind you for a reason.

And whatever people say or think about you is none of your business.
You just keep going and keep being yourself.

How else are you supposed to live if you’re not doing that?


R x


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