Moving House – A Year Later


This time last year (photo above), myself and my mum got the keys to our new flat. It was on August 17th 2015 that a new chapter of my life would be opened. After living in a pretty nice 4 bedroom house for about 15 years, stuff happened, things changed and the day had finally arrived. I’d been ready to move for a very long time and it took us about 2-3 years to sell our house and find a new place to live. I’m not exaggerating here, we looked at SO MANY places. Some were just ok, some were absolutely terrible and there were a fair few that really stuck out and were pretty perfect for us.

Moving house is a big deal. Well, to me it is, especially in my situation. It was a massive change. I’d had so many memories in that house, it was very sad to drive down the road with our car packed to the brim, my cat on my lap as I watched the house get smaller and smaller until we turned the corner. I’m not saying we moved far away, I’ve been back a couple of times to see what the new owners have done to the house.
It’s also such a long process. I didn’t understand a lot of it. Bless my mum for being so amazing through it all. She was brilliant and I swear she could start her own business in finding homes for people, haha! We lost a few places and I was gutted. A home is so important and it HAS to be perfect for you.


I remember when my mum and I first looked around our soon-to-be new flat. The moment we walked up the stairs, we got the feeling. That happens when you’re looking for a place to live. Within the first…minute? You either get the nah or the ooo yeah feeling. Those few months after that were long. I was so raring to go and get in there and start our new chapter.

And now here we are, a year later, in honestly THE cosiest little flat you’ll ever be in. I’m not even exaggerating there. This place is SO cute and snuggly, especially in Autumn/Winter and my fluffy, gorgeous cat, Mushu, is the cherry on top. It’s still so strange, living somewhere new. Don’t get me wrong, it feels so homely and I love it to pieces, but I just never imagined this a few years ago. And now look, it’s been a whole year!


So much has happened in the space of a year. Good and Bad. The time has gone so quickly. We’ve turned this place into the perfect home for a mother, daughter and cat. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way and although a few years ago I was very upset with this decision, I now know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. What might look like something bad might turn around in the future and actually be a positive event in your life. You must always look on the bright side when things change.


Here’s to the next chapter…


R x


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