Autumn Playlist


September is here….



My obsession with autumn started growing back about a month ago. I sit there scrolling through fall accounts on Tumblr that have the same love as I do and now that August is over and September is underway, nothing will hold me back from going FULL autumn mode, even though it’s still quite mild out. So I’ll still be in shorts and summer dresses, but the cinnamon candles will be lit and I’ll be snuggled up under a blanket with a cup of tea listening to my autumn playlist…

Speaking of…

nothing makes autumn without the right music. That calming, acoustic, heartfelt kinda sound. I spent a good hour hunting for new songs to add to my playlist and managed to find enough to keep me happy.

So here we are…

  1. Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran
  2. Follow You Home – Matt Millz
  3. Bootstraps – Fortyfive
  4. I Was Wrong – A R I Z O N A
  5. Guillotine (feat Travis Mendes) – Jon Bellion
  6. Silver Moon – Roo Panes
  7. Where You Wanna Be – Charles William
  8. Overwhelming – Jon Bellion
  9. Words In The Fire – Patrick Watson
  10. All Time Low – Jon Bellion
  11. What It Takes – Ed Prosek
  12. Autumn – Matthew Mole
  13. Dear True Love – Sleeping At Last
  14. 1973 – James Blunt
  15. keep Breathing – Ingrid Michaelson
  16. Heart Hope – Oh Wonder
  17. Wisemen – James Blunt
  18. Waiting Here – Jake Isaac
  19. Indigo Home – Roo Panes
  20. I’ll Be There – Brighton

So this is the playlist that I’ll be listening to until it’s alright to listen to Christmas music….which will probably be in mid October/early November. maybe even late September. Who knows.


R x


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