My First Sunrise


One thing I am absolutely obsessed with is the sky. Especially when the sun is coming and going. I catch the sunset as often as I can from my bedroom window and it’s always a beautiful sight to behold, even though houses and trees block the full view.

It has been on my bucket list to sit and watch either the sunset or the sunrise and I FINALLY got to experience one. After me and one of my best friends went out clubbing (waheyy), we got a taxi home, stayed up for another hour until 5 o’clock in the morning when we walked down to the seafront to sit and watch the sun come up.

Although we were both absolutely knackered, we didn’t want to change our minds. We were up for something different, no matter how tired we were.
So we walked along the seafront, with the gorgeous pink/orange glow ahead of us. Again, buildings blocked the full view, but it was better than what I thought it would be. England is cloudy and we were worried it would be a fail, but fortunately, we were proven wrong.

So we sat there simply staring at the sky, pink clouds looking like candyfloss, the pair of us looking like homeless people with blankets and hoodies and the surprisingly cold summer breeze hitting our faces. Exactly how I wanted it to be, minus the tiredness.

Doing things like this is so good for the soul (cringe) and really helps you to just stop thinking and enjoy what is around you. Enjoy and embrace the planet that we are living on. It’s so much more beautiful than what we think.


R x


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