Autumn Bucket List 2016


So if you haven’t already guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with Autumn. I’m so in love with it and am so excited that it’s just around the corner. I walked home from my Dad’s in the pouring rain this morning, still in my pyjamas, my umbrella up and my Autumn playlist playing in my earphones. I got right into the fall spirit!

I know September has just started, but I can’t hold in my excitement, so expect A LOT of autumnal blog posts in the near future! Today’s blog post will be aaaaallllll the things I would LOVE to do this autumn…


  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Bake something autumnal. Pie?
  3. Go to the seafront
  4. Take walks through the woods
  5. Buy ALL of the classic Halloween movies and watch them before Halloween
  6. Experiment with different teas & warm drinks
  7. Autumn picnics
  8. Try one of those pumpkin spiced latte thing-a-ma-jigs & apple cider
  9. Discover MORE autumnal music
  10. Buy lots of cinnamon & fall-scented candles
  11. Take pictures of autumnal things
  12. Autumn-coloured nail polish
  13. Go fruit picking
  14. Wear fluffy socks
  15. Buy lots of cosy jumpers, hats, scarves & cute fall clothing
  16. Experiment with fall makeup
  17. Spend mornings/afternoons in cute coffee shops & autumnal places
  18. Have LOTS of cosy days/nights in with tea, blankets and books/TV
  19. Do spooky things
  20. Mooch about in cosy shops
  21. Eat lots of sweet treats
  22. Watch fireworks
  23. Roast marshmallows over a fire
  24. Find a costume for Halloween/Make plans for Halloween


As you can see, I’m planning on going FULL autumn mode this year. I have high hopes for the last part of 2016. I hope that things will finally fall into place and I will be settled in the next chapter of my life.


R x


(Outdoor photos taken last Autumn)

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