Top tips for a healthy mindset

I believe that there comes a point in your life, as you grow up, where the way you think has to change or be adjusted in order to grow and become the person you are meant to be. Events that occur can give us the push we need to stand up and say “I need to change my mindset” or ” I’m ready to grow as a person”. Almost like you are awakened in some way.

This has definitely already happened to me. It probably started to happen properly just over a year ago.  I made a few bad decisions, life changing events happened and I realised that things were going to be different now, so I needed to adjust to this new part of my life. I needed to change the way I thought as I  didn’t exactly have the healthiest mindset. It’s all to do with growing up. You change as a person which helps you grow.

So here are my top tips for getting/keeping a healthy mindset…


  1. Positivity
    In life, things will be really good and really bad. To stay on top, thinking positive is key. You have to hold your head up and just keep going. Keep moving forward. Always look on the positive side. No matter how bad a situation might be, you are breathing and tomorrow will still come around. The more positive you think and act, the more positive energy there will be surrounding you. ALWAYS surround yourself with positive people. Their vibes will rub off on you.
  2. Be Grateful
    Always look around you and realise how grateful you are. Realise you have food to eat, a roof over your head with friends & family that love you. Or even simpler than that, be grateful that you are alive and can do anything you wish.
  3. Accept Yourself & Others
    Realise that this is who you are and you will never be any other person, so you might as well love yourself, accept yourself and own it completely. In the same light, accept that other people want to think this way too. Everyone is different and one of a kind, so accepting others will absolutely help you achieve a healthy mind.
  4. The Smaller Things
    Be less obsessed with other people, celebrities, money and fame. I had that problem. Focus on things like nature. Take walks, admire trees and the sky. Try different hobbies, experiment with yourself, try new things etc.
  5. Let It Be
    Let whatever happen, happen. Do not force anything. Not relationships, people, jobs or anything. If people want to come and go in your life, let them. If you weren’t meant to go to university or get that job, so be it. Go with the flow of your life’s path. Don’t stress over what you wanted to happen and be content and at peace with what is meant to be.
  6. Focus On The Now
    Your parents might tell you things that they wish for you for your future. And that’s great. But please always put the present moment at the top. Take it one day at a time and don’t worry about the future or feel bad about the past. Focus on what you have going on right now and embrace that moment.
  7. Put Yourself First
    It is absolutely ok to focus on yourself from time to time. I’ve been doing just that for a while now and it’s really helped me. Focus on YOUR wants and needs and understand that doing things for yourself is completely necessary. There comes a time where you can choose to live for yourself and create the life you want for YOU. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from trying to achieve that.


If you feel like the way you think isn’t exactly balanced or what you want, I encourage you to try these out. I can’t believe how much calmer and healthier my mindset has become since focusing on these things plus many more. If your mindset is steady and you are happy with the way you think, you can achieve as much as you focus on. You’ll be braver, stronger, happier and will go on to live a better life. You’ll be at peace.


R x



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