5 ways to live in the now

It can be very difficult to be content with the life situation we are in. Sometimes we don’t take full advantage of the current moment and then we look back and regret things and how we handled something. I’ve realised lately that life is a magnificent thing and every single moment should be lived to the fullest. I mean, why would you not want to? Or at least even try?

Here are my own 5 personal tips to living in the now. These might not fit to suit you, but after experiencing a lack of fulfilment myself, action had to be taken and these are the ways I did it/am still doing it.

  1. Don’t worry about the future
    I’m not saying don’t give it any thoughts at all, as that’s not exactly very smart. What I mean is, don’t think too far ahead and panic about it. It’ll take away the chance to enjoy the present moment. Forget about the what if’s and the things that are gonna come later. I tend to do this sometimes, whether it’s from my own head or pressure from parents. I’ve come to realise that you just need to chill out, enjoy the moment and go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens, but still try your best.
  2. Forget about the past
    Things happen and they can effect you, either big or small. You can choose to either drown yourself in thoughts about it and let it blind you from the present, or you can spend the appropriate time letting your feelings out, then once that’s done, LET IT GO. Move on from that part of your life. I think it’s really unhealthy to be mentally stuck in the past. Still not over someone, missing a past situation etc. It’s shit, but don’t stay stuck on it.
  3. Take your time
    There is absolutely no rush to get anywhere in life. There is no need to sprint through life without stopping to “smell the flowers”. I know of some people that are speeding away through their lives and aren’t taking their time. There’s no rush to get married, find the perfect career, have kids blah blah blah. CHILL OUT. Go travelling, take a holiday, see family and friends. Life should NOT be about getting a job settling down and then waiting to die.
  4. Take in every moment
    We all experience insanely brilliant moments in our lives and not taking it all in can be a massive regret later in life. Embrace it. Be present and 100% in the moment. Simple as. Do something you’ve always wanted to do before it’s too late.
  5. Spend time in nature
    I spoke a little about this in my September walk post. I live by the sea now and I love to spend time outside. Whether your headphones are in or you’re listening to the world around you, taking in nature is a really good way to pause everything and simply be. There is no man-handling. Everything is just how it’s always been. There is so much of it and it truly makes you breathe it all in and enjoy the present moment.


It takes some time to feel content with the now. I’m working on it everyday. And that’s perfectly ok.


R x




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