Workout Playlist


Last week, I went to the gym…


For the first time ever, I went to a proper gym with determination and motivation. My Dad finally dragged me along and we spent an hour on different equipment like the rowing machine, floor work and weights.

I absolutely died.

When we left, my legs gave way and I nearly fell down the stairs. Brilliant.

BUT I did prepare, music-wise.
Music gets me motivated, no matter what the genre. I simply HAD to create a quick workout playlist to listen to whilst I sweat my soul out my you-know-what. Some of these songs are old, yes I know, but it’s my personal playlist which suits my liking!


  1. Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj Feat. Beyoncé
  2. Loyal – Chris Brown
  3. Rewind – Craig David
  4. Work – Rihanna Feat. Drake
  5. One Dance – Drake
  6. Rest of my life – Ludacris Feat Usher
  7. Come Down (Jack Wins Remix) – WSTRN
  8. Let me love you – DJ Snake Feat. Justin Bieber
  9. Dude (Looks like a lady) – Aerosmith
  10. Walk this way – Aerosmith
  11. Let’s get it started – The Black Eyed Peas
  12. Don’t wake me up – Chris Brown
  13. As your friend – Afrojack Feat. Chris Brown
  14. Ayo – Chris Brown & Tyga
  15. Bassline – Chris Brown
  16. Forever – Chris Brown
  17. Been You – Justin Bieber
  18. Company – Justin Bieber
  19. Look at me now – Chris Brown
  20. Turn up the music – Chris Brown
  21. Speed Demon – Michael Jackson


Quite a bit of Breezy, I must say, but his music is so upbeat and drives me to push myself when at the gym.

What are some of your workout songs?


R x



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