Top Horror Movies


As Halloween gets closer and closer, my love for horror movies increases by about 900000%. Horrors are probably my favourite genre of film, even though being scared is awfully frightening.
I swear, there have been some AMAZING horrors over the last few years and I hear that more incredible ones are soon to be released!

Today, I am going to share with you my list of top horror movies that NEED to be watched this time of year…….actually, no, watch them any time of year.


(These are in no specific order)

  • Insidious (1, 2 & 3)
    Literally…..these films are insane. Paranormal is my sh*t when it comes to horror movies and Insidious demonstrates how far it can be taken. It’s so different from any other film I have seen and the storylines are so clever and well-thought out that you are legit hooked to the TV screen. 1 & 2 have the same kind of storyline and the 3rd is actually set before the first 2, which is interesting. So you finish the 3rd film already knowing what the characters will lead onto. There are all brilliant. And scary as f***. James Wan is the director of these (and a few more I’m about to mention) and I swear, he is my absolute favourite horror movie director EVER!
  • The Conjuring (1 & 2)
    I actually need to say that The Conjuring was my all time favourite horror movie by far. Then….the 2nd one came out and I lost my sh*t! Both are actually quite phenomenal, in my eyes. Again, both directed by James Wan and in the paranormal area of horror. The first one was so captivating and just full of jumpy scenes and a ridiculously interesting storyline, with characters played by the best choice of actors. The Conjuring 2 was based on the Enfield haunting, which is THE most documented paranormal investigation in history! And I must say, after seeing other TV shows and documentaries about the true story, James Wan hit the nail on the head. Spot on! They used true facts and pictures and made it as factual as possible. A MUST SEE!
  • The Gallows
    Ok, so this one is a little bit of a different flavour. Still paranormal (obviously), but a different vibe. It’s one of them ones where it’s meant to be the actual characters doing the filming. Kind of like a home video, that sort of thing. It’s based in a school at night with a couple of teenagers involved. When I saw this in the cinema, the first scene sets the storyline for the entire movie. And it was so realistic, you cant help but feel a little bit sick and wonder what would happen if that actually were true! Very clever story and effects, also. Love this one!
  • The Exorcist
    I, without a doubt, need to throw in at least ONE old school movie! Now, my mum is a badass when it comes to horrors. Nothing really bothers her or makes her scared to walk into a dark room after watching it. The Exorcist is the ONLY film to make her feel truly disturbed. It’s a classic film. Yes, it’s old and the effects aren’t the cleanest, but honestly, this film will mess you up a bit. The actress that played the little girl who gets possessed wasn’t even allowed to go to the Exorcist premier because she was too young for it………..*WTF Face*

    That’s how disturbing the film is. The stuff that was said in the script was unimaginable and it really sets the bar for one of the best ever created.


  • Halloween
    Aaaaaand who could forget THIS classic movie?! Ok, so it’s not the goriest or the scariest or the jumpiest one about, I know, but it’s just one of them films that you NEED to check out. Michael Myers is probably the most famous scary movie character there is. It leads on to another 7 movies! That’s 8 Halloween films. The music is just….creepy af and it’s actually set on Halloween (duh. As if I just wrote that), so it gets you into the autumnal, spooky spirit! Don’t expect to be frightened out of your bones, but it IS a sick movie that you can’t not watch!


What are some of your favourite horror films?


R x




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