Tips To Get Through A Bad Day


Every now and again, I’ll have an absolutely awful day. I’ll be stressed, worried, panicky, over-thinking, anxious and just feeling like an utter turd.
And that is completely alright. It happens to us all, I know it does. You can’t have a perfect life. Everyday can’t be an amazing day, it’s got to be balanced. However, it’s the way you handle these bad situations and feelings that will determine whether you get through it smoothly or not.

So, I’ve put together a little list of things that I, personally, do when I’m having one of these days. These might not necessarily speak to you like they do to me, but I’m sure something on here will help even in the slightest way.

  1. Chill the f*** out
    So like something will happen and I’m immediately thrown into this hot panicky mess. Just CALM DOWN and don’t freak out. Take a few deep breathes. Let your mind come to terms with what is happening and don’t let it consume you and make you feel like you want to jump off a cliff. Just take a couple minutes or so to keep relaxed and calm.
  2. Take Your Time
    If you need to get something done and it’s causing these shitty, stressful feelings, don’t rush it. Take your time and flow through it until you’re out the other side.
  3. Take A Bath
    Pretty useful one, this. Fill up your bath with hot water and bubbles, put a candle and a relaxing playlist on and sit and relax. Spend this time to let the crap going on in your brain simmer down.
  4. Meditate
    I haven’t exactly got the most experience with meditating, as so much has been going on and I just haven’t had the time to think about it, but it really makes a difference. Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. It really helps to pull you bac to the present moment.
  5. Take A Break
    Just forget about whatever it is that’s bothering you for a little while. Go on your phone, watch some TV, mess about on YouTube, whatever. Take your mind off the issue for a bit.
  6. Listen To Music
    To me, music can fix almost anything in my life. It brings my emotions to the surface, get’s everything out and just makes things better for me. Put on your favourite music, have a dance about or sit comfortably with your headphones in. Just really take in and enjoy what you are listening to. Music is a great escape and the perfect medicine sometimes.
  7. Talk To Somebody
    It could be your mum, boyfriend, girlfriend, best mate. Whoever. Just chat to them. It doesn’t have to be about how you are feeling, it can be anything. Maybe something else to take your mind off the problem you’re facing. Talking to other people can make you realise that you’re not the only one going through these bad days and the people that love you are always there for you.
  8. SLEEP!
    Maybe it’s been a long day and a lot of stuff has happened and you’re basically just DONE for the day. You’ve had enough, you want to call it a night and snuggle up in bed. A good night’s sleep can fix A LOT of things. It’s part of life and is needed! Always find some time to get some rest. It clears your head and prepares you for the next day. And you might even wake up with a happier, more positive mind-set than the day before and your “bad day” will be over!


Like I said, it’s ok to have a bad day. Understand that you can be a bit selfish when going through something like this. Focus on you and getting yourself into a better state of mind!


Stay Cosy!


R x


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