Halloween 2016

Happy belated Halloween! Yes, I know it was yesterday and now that it’s November, my Christmas spirit has begun, but I couldn’t NOT post one more Halloween-related post!


After buying pumpkins and stocking up on weird contact lenses and fake blood, I went IN for Halloweekend. I spent Saturday at home watching Hocus Pocus all the way through to the end for the first time in probably my entire life. That film is literally THE perfect film for not only Halloween, but this time of year as well. It made me want to go and jump in a massive pile of leaves and go trick or treating at the same time.

As I was going out clubbing that night and decided to dress up as some kind of maneater thing, Jennifer’s Body seemed to fit perfectly. I hadn’t seen that film since what? Year 8? And watching it just before consuming a fair bit of alcohol was the way to go.


The place was full of all kinds of different costumes. One guy dressed up as Andy from Little Britain. He even had the wheelchair HA! Halloween decorations were everywhere and everyone got really into the Halloween spirit! It was a successful night and I woke up on Sunday with not the nicest hangover. I spent pretty much all day doing nothing, which was needed. On actual Halloween, I ended up making the WORST cinnamon Halloween biscuits. The icing was a complete fail so no photos there….
I was actually pretty knackered from having so many late nights lately, so instead of travelling up to London to my friend’s Halloween party, I spent the night watching TV, eating chocolate and drinking nearly a whole bottle of wine to myself. Brilliant.


And NOW IT’S NOVEMBER! The Christmas songs have been downloaded to my phone and I am fully prepared for the next 2 months ahead. As soon as I get my next pay, I’ll start stocking up on presents. JESUS this year has gone quick!

What did you do this Halloween?

Stay Cosy!

R x


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