Hello, 2017!


Where the f*** have I been?
Ugh, I know. Don’t even go there. My attempt to try out blogmas just completely failed and the passion for coming on here just collapsed for a bit due to being SO busy with stuff. I also saw that someone I know read my blog and kinda laughed at it. I KNOW it wasn’t to hurt my feelings and I still think this person is really chilled and cool, but I took it to heart, it knocked my confidence and I haven’t been back on here since…

but I’m back, bitches.

I’ve decided to take a bit of a different route with my blog. I’m not really into doing what every other blogger is doing anymore. I’m bored of it. it’s boring.
I’d rather talk about stuff that’s actually important and fun for me. So yeah….



Not gonna lie, hasn’t been the best start to the year. First off, New Years was pretty much the most chilled December 31st I’ve ever had. And I don’t celebrate a new year like that. I like to be with friends, people I love and enter the new year with a bang.

That wasn’t the case.

My friends were either busy or ill. Literally all of them, even the guy I like. I was gutted.
I managed so sneak in a few hours at a pub with my college friend and her boyfriend. Luckily, I didn’t feel like a third wheel one bit. I then walked down to the seafront with my mum to welcome the new year in. To my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. Loads of other people had the same idea and even brought fireworks with them, so we ended up getting a free fireworks display to finish. Didn’t exactly feel like a new year as I wasn’t as drunk as I’d have liked, wasn’t dancing around and enjoying myself and wasn’t having fun with my friends. The only upside was spending it with my mum, who’s a total diamond.

New Years day wasn’t much better. I had boring errands to do, STILL didn’t see the guy I like and…to be honest, I just felt a bit poo.

So the year hasn’t started too well. But it’s cool. That’s normal. I didn’t expect everything to be perfect as the clock turned to twelve.

2016 had it’s ups and downs. There were a lot of amazing moments. I was happy a lot of the time, especially in the summer (which I want to come back already). I went on holiday, met some new people *blushes* and began to become the person I’m meant to be (ugh cringe).
But it was also like…..a heart-breaking year, as well. All that happened around the world had an almighty effect on me. It just wouldn’t stop. And to top it off, I had my share of personal struggles. It was sh*t a lot of the time, too.

But it’s done now. It’s finished and gone, thank god.
2017 feels like the year that things are finally going to start to come together for me. I’ll still struggle, of course, but it happens.

Time to continue on this journey for another year and see where I end up heading…



6 thoughts on “Hello, 2017!

  1. Hey!

    I also failed at Blogmas. I took inspiration from Youtubers who do ‘Vlogmas’ yet as the days went on, my inspiration faltered. Also, you mentioned how someone laughed at your blog. I’m so sorry to hear that. I haven’t told anyone that I know about my own blog, mostly due to fear. But, I hope one day I’ll have the courage to show someone-like you did. You should be proud.

    Best of luck with your new content and 2017!


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    1. I watched people’s vlogmas’s too! Love them! It knocked my confidence, but then i thought “no, i’m not gonna let one person stop me from doing something i enjoy”. Its just a case of pushing yourself out there and just going for it! 🙂


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