Getcha Tats Out

(lol at the title)

In my last blog post, I received a comment from somebody with the Twitter name of @Rjpmontoya (thanks, love!) saying that I should do an upload on my 3 tattoos! I’m a big fan of tattooing and truly believe that they are artistic and creative (when they’re done professionally). They also hurt like a bitch.


My first tattoo is a simple treble clef on the back of my neck and it was done the day after my 18th birthday, that explains how desperate I was to get inked. I booked my appointment before I was even old enough and was in that chair not even 48 hours after turning the legal age in the UK. This one probably hurt the least out of the 3 I have. I’d wanted it for SO LONG and was ridiculously excited. Music is an immense part of my life. It brings out feelings of absolute contentment, joy and overwhelming emotions and gives me goosebumps. It’s one of the greatest creations to ever exist and I wanted it to be a part of me.


My second tattoo was done the same day as the treble clef. Again, this was wanted for SO LONG and it’s definitely the most personal and meaningful. This ladybird is dedicated to a very special person who unfortunately is not here anymore. I won’t go into detail as to why it’s a ladybird, but it’s the most special tattoo I’ve had done and love it to pieces.


This third tattoo (which hurt like a bitch) happened in mid/late February 2016. I had just got back from a few days away at a spa with my mum a week before, the year was pretty fresh, I had no boy in my life or on my mind and I was completely focused on myself (which I’m starting to get back into). And I just had this mindset of not giving a sh*t about what people thought about me and “why not” just go for things. I took time off work to go and chill out in a fancy spa because why not? I went out clubbing almost every other weekend because why not? I began to learn how to love myself because why not? This tattoo might look a bit weird to some people and maybe they won’t get it’s true meaning, but it’s on such a large scale and says a lot about LIFE, not holding back from doing things and being who you are (cringe).

…And I don’t plan on stopping there. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t me covered in them, but there are maybe one or two which I’d love to have in the future. Who knows what’ll happen…



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