Simple Ways To Love Life More


If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m a massive lover of life in general. Even though times can get unbelievably shitty, it’s literally everything. It’s life. It’s us being here, alive today. And the way I see it, if you aren’t enjoying your life, then one day you’ll look back and regret everything. I don’t want to be that person.

Going through a number of difficult stages in my life has lead me to be immensely ambitious at living a life that’s worth it. These hard times have motivated me to pursue a happy, contented existence. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. You’re not gonna wake up one day and think “I have arrived”. Loving life is in every day you wake up, you just have to open your eyes and notice it.


I learn more and more about how to be a happier person and enjoy the life I am living and I’m gonna share some of these ways with you…

  1. Take time for yourself
    Always always ALWAYS spend time focusing on you and you only. Buy yourself something, run a bath, have some drinks. Spend some time everyday, enjoying your own company and being content with who you are. You will, without a doubt, begin to enjoy life a whole lot more.
  2. Get Outside
    Getting outside and breathing in what has been created for you is such a refreshing feeling. Look around you. The ocean, the forest, the city. It’s really quite overwhelming if you look at it properly.
  3. Be Spontaneous
    Do something completely random every so often. Grab a mate and go to a bar on a Monday night, go and watch the sunset, take a last minute trip somewhere. It exciting.
  4. Try Something New
    Trying new things is something I love to get involved with every New Year. Talk to someone you’ve never spoken to before, try a new hobby, start a new course in something, get a new job. Try and expand what you already know and learn something completely different.
  5. Find something positive in every day
    There are some day that I simply don’t want to wake up to. I don’t want them to ever arrive and it depressed me so much. You CANNOT live that way, going through life feeling bad about the future and not giving the present any notice. Every day has something great to bring to you and you need to look a little deeper to find it. There is always something good in every day, if you focus more on those things, I guarantee you will start enjoying life more.
  6. Enjoy Your Time With People
    Realise how lucky you are to have certain people in your life. People that honestly care and love you. Enjoy the times you spend with these people as these could turn into some amazing memories.
  7. Be Happy With Who You Are
    Aaaanndd there it is, the post about loving yourself. It was bound to pop up. Honestly, just be happy with yourself. Realise that you’re doing great and that you have your whole life to become what you’ve always wanted to be.
  8. Live In The Moment
    Be present. Look at what is currently in front of you and live IN that moment.


Realise that life is meant to be enjoyed. Otherwise, what’s the point?




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