Bath Playlist

Baacckkkk again with another playlist! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything music-related, which always gets on my nerves because I adore music and find it to be a huge part of my life. Unfortunately, the inspiration and creative side of my brain has been slacking again. Eugh, I hate when that happens. But never fear, I have returned with a little bath time playlist. … Continue reading Bath Playlist

Being a Hopeless Romantic & Why It Can Suck

Honestly, I feel like I’m one of the few people left that are actually into the whole “romance” thing. Am I? Is there anyone that enjoys hearts and flowers? Just me? Ok. So, yeah, being like this can be absolutely sh*t, sometimes, not gonna lie. Let’s break it down… I take relationships seriously…and not everyone is like that If I’m ever involved or dating somebody, I … Continue reading Being a Hopeless Romantic & Why It Can Suck

Resetting Myself

I HAVE DECIDED ON SOMETHING (which is good for me, considering I’m SO indecisive) I’ve been through some things, some changes, some emotions. I’ve lost some people, gained other stuff too. But I have decided on something recently that, I think, will benefit me in the long run. I’m gonna TOTALLY reset myself. Let me elaborate… I feel like my life isn’t going anywhere right now. … Continue reading Resetting Myself