Being a Hopeless Romantic & Why It Can Suck


Honestly, I feel like I’m one of the few people left that are actually into the whole “romance” thing. Am I? Is there anyone that enjoys hearts and flowers?

Just me?

So, yeah, being like this can be absolutely sh*t, sometimes, not gonna lie.

Let’s break it down…

  • I take relationships seriously…and not everyone is like that

    If I’m ever involved or dating somebody, I put my everything into it. I tend to place them on a pedestal and treat them extremely importantly. I give them my undivided attention 100% and don’t mess about. And it’s SOOOOO great (note the sarcasm) when they don’t feel that way about you or give the same effort back…


    See that? That gif? That’s me. That is me if I’m ever in that situation, which I have been before.
    I very much feel that in this day and age, a lot of people simply aren’t interested in romance or anything along the lines of a relationship. They don’t like commitment. And honestly, in a way, I get that. I understand that it just isn’t appealing to some people. On the other hand, I can’t think of many things more amazing than giving everything to another person and receiving the exact same back.

  • Romance movies can actually kill me

    I have witnessed a number of romance-based films and let me tell you, some of them are extremely dangerous for me to watch. The one that almost caused me to go to the hospital (exaggerated) was “The best of me” by Nicholas Sparks.
    I was sitting in the cinema, tears running down my face, pulse beating a mile a minute, struggling to breathe, body temperature rapidly increasing, with my heart breaking more and more every second.
    I was a total mess at that film. A wreck. Almost dead.
    The way I react to these types of movies is, I’m sure, abnormal.
  • Love songs make me cry too

    Yeah, ok, I cry a lot.
    Especially at music. And especially when music is love-based.
    Ed Sheeran’s new album is extremely difficult for me to listen to. I’m serious. I relate to some of those songs so much, it’s almost as if they were written for me.

  • Getting hurt is very hard to avoid

    When things go wrong with a potential partner or relationship, you’ll get hurt. Easily. And, for me, it’s usually from me giving too much (because I’m a hopeless romantic) and not receiving it in return. I’ll give someone my all in the hopes of not getting hurt or disappointed and it usually ends up being that way. Putting your heart on the line is, unfortunately, very easy to do.

  • Being single can get irritating (only sometimes)

    Watching all these movies, listening to all these songs, reading all these books. It can all take a little piece of you. You’ll sit there and maybe think “Ah god, where is this in my life?” Being single can be tough sometimes, because all you want to do is find the right person and give them everything.

  • You’re “too” old-fashioned

    It’s sh*t. You want it like how it is back in the old days where the guy goes up to the girl and asks her out, pulls out her chair, buys her flowers, sends her love letters, is unafraid of how he feels. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re old-fashioned. Back when Tinder, POF or any other online dating wasn’t even invented. You preferred how it was then. And it’s hard to find that now. How sad.


So, yes. Being a hopeless romantic can truly…truly suck.



9 thoughts on “Being a Hopeless Romantic & Why It Can Suck

      1. Yay! Thank you!! I’m currently going through a break up would love to know how you handle them and what happened in the relationship. Did anyway ever buy you flowers or take you out? I’d love to know x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The last person i was with, which was fairly recently, was n’t the romantic type. He was young and unsure of what he wanted. When going through a breakup, its so important to love yourself. Put yourself on that same pedestal where that other person was. Cry all you need, cry it all out. Then you realise that you deserve differently, if not, better! Take it day by day. Its slow & painful, yes, it makes you so strong


  1. Love for you to write a piece about relationships you’ve had, I feel like I have an old soul. Flowers and diners! I’m all about that, would like to read about what your relationship were like

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