I’m 20 Today?! 



IMG_0025.JPGToday is finally the day.

My 20th birthday.


In the name

Of all that is holy

Has that happened?

My teenage years are over? Really? I’ve never been so overwhelmed at reaching a new age.

A new decade. I’m in a brand new decade. The second number is back to 0.


There’s so much I want to achieve in the next 10 years…

  • Find my dream career
  • Continue to find & create myself
  • Go travelling
  • Become the person I’m supposed to be
  • Gain total independence
  • Meet the love of my life (obvs)

Everything happens in your 20’s and I find it so ridiculously insane that I’m in that time of my life now. School is done, teenage stuff is done. No way am I the same person I was a few years ago, I continue to change all the time, it’s part of life.

And now here I am, another incredible life-changer right at my fingertips.

I want the next decade to be filled with more happiness, more peace, more adventures, more memories and more love than I’ve ever had before.

I am 100% ready to face it all.


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