Things you learn after dating the wrong guy

Oh hey! I’ve just spent the last…what…4? 5 hours? Reading the first novel by Zoella from the beginning to the end. Girl Online. (I know I’m a few years late). Honestly, when I started reading it, I wasn’t too sure if I was gonna like it, cos yanno…the stuff I like to read?… It’s not for certain ages, let’s just leave it at that. (I’m … Continue reading Things you learn after dating the wrong guy

I Saw A Therapist???

So today, I spoke to a therapist. I walked into the small room and was greeted with a cute lady who appeared to be in her early 40’s. She invites me inside, to which notice that the room was completely covered in white. White chairs, White walls, white everything. It was simple, kind of relaxing. Nothing too busy was going on in the room. No bright colours or anything that was too distracting. I loved … Continue reading I Saw A Therapist???