If there is one thing that I’ve learnt since having a broken heart, it’s how to be alone.

When my time spent with a certain person came to an end, I didn’t want to be with many people, apart from family and close friends. Being by myself became one of my favourite things to do, how sad does that sound?

But listen though…
Having solitude is essential to life.

Not even when you’ve just broken up with someone and both your heart and head are a mess. There comes time in your life where you need to choose solitude. To focus on yourself. To spend time on yourself. To put yourself above almost everything.

And having solitude truly opens up your eyes and mind…

  • You’re more focused.
    Whether it’s new ideas, hobbies, careers.There’s no distractions. It’s just you, yourself and whatever it is your want to focus on.
  • You begin to be comfortable with yourself. 
    When you’re alone, it’s almost like you’re forced to accept yourself, to like being in your own company. And that’s never a bad thing. And anyway, the best relationship you need to have is the one you have with yourself. Spend time on that.
  • You can relax
    Being away from the noise, the drama, the fast-paced atmosphere when surrounded by a lot of people is a breath of fresh air. You can relax. Like, actually relax.
  • You start to figure yourself out
    When nobody is around, it’s just you. Just you and your own mind. Your thoughts become louder. You might catch yourself talking out loud (which I have done many times). And somewhere in those thoughts, you begin to realise new things about yourself. Like, what you want to do with your life, what your purpose is, what you want to focus on currently. There’s nobody there to guide you off course.
  • You walk around half naked
    Literally. And it’s great.
  • You realise what you want
    From a career, a partner, your life.
  • You’re in touch with yourself
    I don’t know what it is or how it happens, but when you’re alone, you sort of catch yourself going to a different level. A deeper level. You go for a stroll or you listen to music and it seems to take you away to somewhere else. You feel present with your surroundings and your own feelings.


Lately, solitude has been almost all I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a loner. I do have friends. It was just something that needed to happen. I feel myself go off track all the time. Reconnecting myself and realigning myself happens on the weekly. It’s all part of self-improvement.

In the simplest of sentences, solitude just lets you be you.


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