A Beauty Therapist’s Skincare Routine

Oi Oi.

Hope you’re doing well.

Ok, so. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with my skincare routine. I could sit there on YouTube for hours on end watching people’s pamper routines, morning routines, night routines, skin routines. I get off on it, for some weird reason.

I realised that, actually, even though I’m a beauty therapist, my skincare routine was rather sh*t. All I did was moisturise. Some of you might be thinking What’s wrong with just moisturising?

A lot is wrong with that.

I never realised that people actually choose to spend a lot of money on skin products. And I deal with expensive, yet completely brilliant skincare products as a job. I should have good skin, right? A beauty therapist that doesn’t look after her skin is like a dentist with bad teeth. (BTW, do dentists have dentist? I’ve always wanted to know).

Anyway, so all those facials that I do at work, I decided to apply to myself. And I’m gonna share that with you, today! Aren’t you lucky?! After this, you’ll be thanking me. I promise.

So…there’s an order you have to follow, here…

  1. Find out your skin type & other concernsThis is basically essential. Are you dry? Oily? Sensitive? Combination? Do you have broken capillaries? (The little, red, veiny-looking lines you can get on your cheeks and by your nose) Bags under your eyes? Pores? Dull skin?
    You can find out what skin type you are by going to a skincare shop like BodyShop. They put this weird, yet magically brilliant little machine thingy against your skin and it can tell how much moisture is there. I did it, and I found out that I’m dry. Like…proper dry.
    So, once you know what skin type you are, that then gives you an idea of what sort of products you need to be buying.
  2. Remove your makeup first. PLEASE!Before you start your skincare routine, for the love of GOD, remove any makeup! You could use one that is oil-based, water-based, or wipes.1
  3. Start with a cleanserYou should always start with a cleanser. They give your skin a good clean, getting rid of dirt that sits on the very top layer of your skin. Be sure to use one that is good for your skin type. And because I’m so extra, I even went and bought a facial brush, which helps a lot with rubbing in the cleanser.42
  4. Tonertoner.gif^^^ lol.

    Toner is a watery substance that is used to help minimise pores, finish off the cleansing process & hydrate the skin. Put a little bit on two cotton pads and sweep across your face. After a few moments, your skin will start to feel tight. That’s when you can move onto the next step which is….


  5. …Exfoliation!
    Especially good for dry skin, an exfoliator gets into the deeper parts of your skin. Circular motions across your face will help get rid of flaking, dryness, leaving it A LOT smoother.3
  6. Time for a mask
    This is one of my favourite parts. This isn’t something you have to do everyday, but definitely a few times a week. Apply a face mask and leave it to sit for maybe 5? 10 minutes? And OH MY GOD, the variety is insane. Sheet masks, eye masks, gel masks, foam masks, peel-off masks, creamy masks. It’s so fun to experiment and try out different ones. Obviously, make sure to use ones that are suitable for your skin type.5
  7. Lip Scrub
    You might as well.6
  8. Toner…again.

    Why not?

  9. Facial Serum
    For me, using a serum or a facial oil helps to keep my skin hydrated, soft and as FAR away from dryness as I can. Just a few drops before moisturising will help keep your skin sooooo smooth.
  10. 8
  11. Now you can moisturiseAgain, stick to a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type. And apply twice a day, if you can, and if your skin is dry.9


I promise you, if you stick to a decent skincare routine like this one, I guarantee you’ll notice the improvements in your skin. It’s never a terrible thing to spend a little bit extra on skin products. I mean, it is your face, after all.



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