Current Music Favourites // 01

Eugh. A lot of things have happened already since turning 20. I’ve decided to start a new project (which I won’t be revealing for a while), had some personal stuff to deal with…as always. When am I not going through some emotional trauma? Anyway… I’ve decided to start a new series which will reveal all of my current favourite songs/artists/albums. I’m really experimenting with what … Continue reading Current Music Favourites // 01

Bath Playlist

Baacckkkk again with another playlist! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything music-related, which always gets on my nerves because I adore music and find it to be a huge part of my life. Unfortunately, the inspiration and creative side of my brain has been slacking again. Eugh, I hate when that happens. But never fear, I have returned with a little bath time playlist. … Continue reading Bath Playlist

Autumn Playlist

September is here….   SEPTEMBER IS HERE! My obsession with autumn started growing back about a month ago. I sit there scrolling through fall accounts on Tumblr that have the same love as I do and now that August is over and September is underway, nothing will hold me back from going FULL autumn mode, even though it’s still quite mild out. So I’ll still be in shorts and … Continue reading Autumn Playlist